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Multifunctional, emotional, exclusive

Spacewall® furniture construction - classic shopfitting has been developing for a long time – to combine "emotional feelings", multifunctionality and exclusivity in a complex way.
At a time when classic stores are increasingly competing with the convenient online trade, it is essential to set new trends. Shopping is now meant to give people a good feeling and an experience.

Spacewall® persuades customers

Become creative - without any compromises

We at Spacewall® support you with our extensive product range so that you can introduce your ideas. Create moods specially tailored to your product, combined with light and sound. Give your interior an overall concept with harmonious and creative decors. Retain your customers with a special shopping experience.

Spacewall® furniture construction

Presentation that is absolutely suitable

Whether it is a sideboard, a cash desk, a storage cupboard or individual presentation furniture: you obtain top-quality furniture for use in a flexible way through the individual configuration and adjustment options provided by Spacewall®.

Spacewall® persuades customers

Unusual or simple: what do you need?

Whether unusual or simple - individual free-standing furniture items can be used in a variety of flexible ways.
Room dividers, limiters or customer stoppers - focus on your sales success and let your imagination run wild. You can complete your overall concept with your shop fittings.

Quality made in Germany

Spacewall® has been the leading supplier of slat walls, matching free-standing furniture, displays and product supports for more than 30 years. We offer an almost limitless range of colours, surfaces, substrates and design options for any sectors. Perfect space walls, excellent quality, 100% made in Germany and delivered ready for assembly – with unbeatable delivery times.